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Holi Festival Welcomes Spring At USF

Brian Healy
Contributing Writer

This past week, the Indian Student Organization hosted Holi, the festival of color and love, in which students smeared powdered color on each other to celebrate the beginning of spring.  For a brief period, Welsh Field outside of Kalmanovitz Hall was inhabited by people dressed in ratty old white t-shirts and shorts, with Go-Pro’s, selfie sticks, and phones inside Ziplocs, to protect them from the color. On one of the sunniest days of the semester, with St. Ignatius Church serving as the backdrop, students could be seen chasing each other around with bright colors such as yellow, pink, purple, and orange that would soon fill the air; it could have served perfectly as the music video setting for Portugal. The Man’s groovy tune Purple Yellow Red and Blue.  Continue reading Holi Festival Welcomes Spring At USF

Our Vision for the Foghorn

Staff Editorial

To our esteemed and loyal readers,

As you may have noticed, in the past semester the San Francisco Foghorn staff has been working on revamping its design and providing quality content. Given that there has been a major shift in our editorial staff, we decided to utilize our first staff editorial of the semester as a means of introducing ourselves and giving you a sneak peek into the work we hope to accomplish by the end of this academic year: Continue reading Our Vision for the Foghorn