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2016: One Second Every Day

2016 may be over, but sophomore media studies major Caleb d’Oleire has made a definitive film recap. Composed of 365 one-second snippets shot on...

Bred on Drugs

Media studies student Ryan McCabe interviews Lena Brook from the National Resources Defense Council to discuss the harmful effects of using antibiotics in animal...

The Don Knight

USF’s RHA spoofs Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight in a video to introduce our school to 30+ other schools for a conference at USC.  

Lyricist Lounge

USFtv takes a special look at Lyricist Lounge and the Intercultural Center. Special thanks to Alejandro Covarrubias and Erin Echols! Check it out here!


A student tries to figure out which major they should declare. Created by USFtv at University of San Francisco in 2016 as part of...


Monster Story by Genesis de Jesus A tale of a monster attack in San Francisco. Created as a part of the Audio Production class.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3AN7HYudIA

Favorite Places in San Francisco

By Talia Sourkes USF students share some of their favorite places around San Francisco.


USFtv released their first video of the semester this week. Tune in to their YouTube page to see Karen Ver Trinidad’s short experimental film...

PODCAST: Mission Community Market

Ariana Kudlo Staff Writer Sarah Frei, sophomore Media Studies major, ventured into the Mission on Bartlett and 22nd mid semester for her Audio Production class.  Fueled...

Food Media presents: Healthy Meal for students

Nichole Rosanova Staff Writer Many people often comment and ridicule the diets of college students. Their diets consist of many unhealthy foods and often they justify this...