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The Golden State Warriors have been located in the Bay Area since moving from Philadelphia in 1962. They played in Daly City as the San Francisco Warriors for almost 10 years, and have played in Oakland ever since. The Warriors began to buy part of a 12-acre site on the eastern side of San Francisco in April of 2014. The groundbreaking for the new arena happened on Jan. 17, 2017. The site is destined to hold the 18,000-seat capacity Chase Center, the new home of the Warriors.

Many of the people living in Oakland feel insulted and abandoned. Robert Parker, a lifelong Warrior fan, and bartender in the nosebleed seats in Oracle Arena says that “it upsets me all the time – the T-shirts that say ‘The City’ – that they refuse to call them the Oakland Warriors. It’s an insult to Oakland.”

Parker is not the only one disappointed by the Warriors leaving Oakland. Many believe that Oakland will always be in the shadow of San Francisco. Many people who want to live in the City cannot afford it. San Francisco is the second most expensive city in the US, behind New York City.

This was one of the problems with the 49ers’ recent move to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The 49ers were chasing people with deeper pockets, but those people were not interested in attending a NFL game. Hopefully the Warriors can keep from making the same mistake when they come to San Francisco in 2019.

Chase Center will not only be the Golden State Warriors’ home arena, but will also host another 200 hundred concerts and events other than basketball games. This new stadium will increase the number of jobs in San Francisco on event days, but will also increase the traffic in an already crowded part of the city. The Chase Center will be located near Piers 30 and 32 and across the street from the UCSF medical center, which many people believe will cause a huge increase in traffic in the North East corner of the City. Not only will traffic increase, but the noise will also. The increased noise from Warriors games and other concerts and events held during the year might impact some of the patients who are being treated at the medical center nearby.

That said, the Warriors’ new stadium is in an ideal location for people using public transportation. There is a new BART line that will be put in around the time the Warriors open their new stadium. Many people who attend sports games take public transportation for the convenience and the cheaper parking options away from the stadium itself.

Although the overlap is only a few weeks at a time, if both the Giants and Warriors play home games on the same day, the traffic implications seem daunting. In addition to the Chase Center, AT&T Park holds 42,000+ people. With only an additional 200 parking spots dedicated to the new arena, an influx of 60,000 bodies dispersing simultaneously after a pair of coincidental home games would cause an immense traffic jam that could rival LA’s rush hour. BART and Caltrain stations, which are already brimming on Giants game days, may feel the need for “pushers” like in Japan, people who are paid to help push and shove people into trains to make them all fit. It may be a little overdramatic but the thought of it is funny.

In due time, we shall see how San Francisco and the respective sports organizations plan to alleviate any added headaches to the fans and residents.


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